What we do

Electrical contractor services 600x450
Electrical contractor services
  • All types of electrical installation and maintenance works up to the voltage of 1000V
  • In cooperation with other electrical company we can make a part of electrical works in it’s project as subcontractor.

Electrical engineering and design 600x450
Electrical engineering and design
  • We partner with our clients and understand their goals, providing leadership and organization to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.

human resources 600x450
Human resources
  • We offer skilled industrial electricians for your projects
  • Very good price of human/hour
  • Most of our specialists have wide experience in working in western Europe and Scandinavian Countries
  • All electricians of our company have valid FSE safety certificates
  • We constantly send our specialists to different courses such as Work at Height & Rescue TrainingWind Turbines (RUK/GWO) and other

na sait
Maintenance and Repairs
We are able to assist our clients in the event of equipment failure. Also we can perform electrical installation works on board providing the necessary professionals and equipment or coordinating all the steps necessary to restore the equipment operational condition, providing an immediate assistance in procurement, negotiation, transportation and maintenance follow up, up to the moment the equipment is back in operation. With our flexibility and extensive network of suppliers we are ready to assist your needs with a very short notice.